Tile flooring installation in a Lakewood Ranch, FL master bathroom

Ceramic tile vs. porcelain tile flooring

When your flooring choice comes down to ceramic and porcelain tile, you're sure to have some questions about the materials, how they differ, and how they're alike. Today's post will have some important information for you if you're currently shopping for tile, so read along for some great news.

What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

The difference between porcelain and ceramic is minimal and stems from the construction of the tiles. Porcelain only uses the highest quality clays for a through-body color experience and a harder, denser product as a result.

Ceramic utilizes other natural materials and clay, including feldspar, and lacks the through-body color found in porcelain. While not as hard as porcelain, the product still offers a wonderfully durable and water-resistant experience for every room in your home.

The two also share nearly endless décor-matching options, with vibrant colors, styles, designs, and the option to cut tiles into any size and shape you need for your project. The result is a floor covering that matches your unique décor requirements no matter how unique or customized, so be sure to stop by and look at all we have to offer in this area.

We offer both ceramic and porcelain tile

When you visit Epic floors of Lakewood Ranch, you’ll find an outstanding selection of flooring materials that are sure to meet your needs, whatever they are. We focus on affordable prices, impressive products, and professionals who can bring them together to create your dream home with ease.

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